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Western Lake Ontario Trout and Salmon

                              What we are fishing for ?

Through NYS DEC and Canadian stocking efforts, and pen rearing projects at many ports along the lake there are many species of fish that we will be targeting.

Chinook(King) Salmon     Steelhead(Rainbow Trout)     Coho Salmon 

Brown Trout                     Lake Trout                             Atlantic Salmon

The months of April and early May we are targeting the inshore waters, and the warmer runoff from the spring melt from area creeks. Brown trout,Coho, and Lake Trout  will predominate the catch.

 The rest of May we will be targeting the mighty spring Chinook Salmon out of Wilson NY, and will be fishing the waters off of Niagara County, and the Niagara Bar!! Chinook salmon will be our main target, but Lake trout are also very willing to bite in May, with still a chance at any of the other species!!

The Months of June, July and August find us targeting the mighty Chinook Salmon and acrobatic offshore Steelhead out of the Oak at Pointe Breeze. Although the possibilities of catching the other species are still possible Kings and Steelies will usually predominate the catch.

Nearing the end of August and into September the staging salmon start making their runs to the rivers to spawn. Once again we will be focusing our time on the inshore waters chasing after the Mature Chinooks and the Brown Trout that follow. Offshore fishing for Steelhead, and immature salmon is our second option as the mature salmon make their spawning runs up the rivers. 

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