Summer 2011 Summer 2011 11-14lbs King 137106517 11-14lbs King with 27lbs King 137106518 'Old man' with Fish on 137106519 Len Sr. 'Old Man' with 24lbs king 137106520 Me with 22lbs King 137106521 Me with same 22lbs King female 137106522 Catch of the day minus 2lbs trout 137106523 Get Hooked Logo A logo I made up for ya Captain Mike in appreciation for our two great trips. "piscis piscis in" means "fish on" in Latin "salus supremus totus alius" means "Safety above all else" also in Latin. 137107386 Another Get Hooked Logo I also made a simpler version logo on the chance you wanted to have a decal made for your boat. Hope you like them. 137107387 146951031 146951461 146951890